New Standards: Next Gen Science Standards/Common Core

Overview of Common Core and NGSS and overlaps. (includes content summary of NGSS)

Overlaps of CCSS/NGSS Venn Diagram (BW, Color)
Latest Presentation/Handouts on Science and CommonCore
Academic Vocabulary Instructional Strategies, PowerPoint, PDF
QAR Instructional Strategies for May HS CIA
(PPT November 2013, PDF Handout)
Work Session on Dec 9 HS CIA and links to teacher work (WORD)

(New!) Draft Skills matrix aligning 21st Century Skills, Common Core, Next Generation Science Practices and other content skills (PDF Version)
Link to CT Common Core in science resources

February 2015 Update on NGSS in New Haven

The website for Next Generation Science frameworks/standards
NEW! April 2013 Final Next Gen Science Standards (Topic/Grade order) with all support materials as a pdf file

Crosswalk of NGSS content standards and current state standards PDF Report, Excel Spreadsheet

Examples of New Performance Tasks

NGSS overview numbers(number of performance expectation standards by grade, topic, practice, concept), Excel document

Overview of Next Gen Science Frameworks/Standards in CT, January 2013 Update, PDF, Powerpoint

Peer Discourse in Science (links to CCSS as well), PDF, Powerpoint
More details on Science Peer Discourse research

The whole NGSS frameworks (basis for Next Gen Standards) as a PDF


May 2012 Presentation to NHPS Middle/High School Teachers: (see also attachments) (focuses on Common Core and Literacy)
For PPT file:

Science and Literacy in Common Core

Common Core English Language Arts Standards
Common Core Literacy in Science

Science and Math Common Core (Coming Soon!)